​Online Pharmacy

We are proud to announce our online pharmacy for dogs, cats, horses and livestock.

  • Easy sign up process
  • Shipped to your door
  • Open 24/7
  • Trusted product from our reliable distributor
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders
  • Automatic refills on monthly preventatives

Allergy Testing

Stem Cell Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma and Bone Marrow)

Pro-Stride Injections of PRP + IRAP

Dental Services For Equine and Small Animal


​Nutrition Consultation for Equine and Small Animals

​Emergency Veterinary Care for Small Animal and Equine

Ambulatory Equine Service – We Make Farm Calls!

Complete Health Exams

Heartworm & Intestinal Parasite Testing

Immunizations (Vaccinations)

Small Animal and Equine Surgery (Laser Surgery Available)

Digital Radiography

3D GE Digital Ultrasound with Color Flow Doppler

Lameness Evaluations

Reproduction for Small Animal and Equine (Artificial Insemination)

Foaling Facility

Ophthalmology Services