Show your pet some love! Dental Examinations Save Lives! 

 We offer dental services for dogs, cats and horses!  

Did you know in small animals that bad teeth lead to bad hearts! When bacteria that live in the mouth get into the bloodstream, they settle on the heart valves causing congestive heart failure.  Regular dental examinations and cleaning can prevent future health problems and give your pet a longer life.  Not to mention minty fresh breath and white teeth!

Did you know that horses teeth erupt throughout their entire lives? Floating (balancing) the dental arcade is very important to overall performance and health of all horses! Many abnormalities can be prevented with a proper dental examination.  Horse can have up to 44 teeth!  Only the incisors and first 2-3 check teeth are visible without a speculum, so visualization is the first step to a proper examination! 

Vaccinations- What's the scoop on vaccinating your pet? Vaccinations are an integral part of wellness for you pet.  Vaccinations aid in protecting your pet from viral and bacterial infections that can be spread by other pets or wildlife.  There are many different types of vaccinations and which one is best for your pet should be determined by your veterinarian.  ​

Parasites- Many different types of parasites exist.  Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are uncomfortable or potentially dangerous to our pets.  Bites or stings are very itchy, hurt and can inject nasty parasites into the body.  Fleas distribute tapeworms and ticks spread Lyme and other harmful diseases.  Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes and is potentially fatal.  So when it comes to your pets health...we don't want any of them! Preventatives year round are now recommended no matter what climate you live in.  These parasites have even been found in Alaska, so no climate is safe.  Parasites tend to evolve and climates that traditionally didn't have thriving parasites now do.  Flea, tick and heartworm control is as easy giving a pill or applying a topical preventative each month.  Heartworm is very effective but nothing is fail-safe, so yearling testing is  still advised.  Internal parasites (roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and hookworms) are equally as important to treat.  Many heartworm preventatives also include medication for internal parasites as well.  

Wellness Examinations-  Every pet should have a wellness examination once a year, and pets over seven should have an examination twice a year. Wellness examinations are very important for your pets continued health.

Bloodwork- Many different types of bloodwork are available for your pet.  Basic bloodwork may include a CBC (complete blood count) which determines the current values of white and red blood cells, oxygen carrying capacity plus hydration status.  Inflammation, anemia and infections can be determined from a CBC.  Chemistry values help determine the health of your pets internal organs.  Advanced bloodwork can determine specific infections or vitamin levels if necessary.

Spay/Neuter- By spaying (females) and neutering (males) you are helping your pet to have a longer life and prevent many different types of cancer and other diseases.  Helping to control the pet population is every pet owners responsibility.  

Nutrition- Not every food is created equal!  Many pets have food allergies that cause itching, ear infections, stomach problems, loose stools, firm stools and extreme discomfort.  Be sure to ask your veterinarian about specific diet recommendations for your pets.