The New Aesculight CO2 Surgical Laser is here!

Advantages of laser surgery:

  1.   Less pain and swelling
  2.   Quicker recovery
  3.  Less bleeding
  4. Sanitizing effect of laser beam reduces risk on infection.
  5. Less trauma
  6. Tumor removal in dogs, cats and horses

Time for a Dental?

 We offer dental services for dogs, cats and horses!  

Did you know that horses teeth erupt throughout their entire lives? Floating (balancing) the dental arcade is very important to overall performance and health of all horses! Many abnormalities can be prevented with a proper dental examination.  Horse can have up to 44 teeth!  Only the incisors and first 2-3 check teeth are visible without a speculum, so visualization is the first step to a proper examination! 

Did you know in small animals that bad teeth lead to bad hearts! When bacteria that live in the mouth get into the bloodstream, they settle on the heart valves causing congestive heart failure.  Regular dental examinations and cleaning can prevent future health problems and give your pet a longer life.  Not to mention minty fresh breath and white teeth!


Welcome Spring!

We are proud to announce our new online pharmacy for dogs, cats, horses and livestock. 

  • Easy sign up process
  • Shipped to your door
  • Open 24/7 
  • Trusted product from our reliable distributor
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders
  • Automatic refills on monthly preventatives

Latest News:  New Online Pharmacy!